Separating eggs can be challenging. Occasionally yolks will break and mess up your mix. To avoid yolks or whites straying into the wrong places, use this method of egg division:


  • 3 bowls
  • free range eggs*, as many as your recipe calls for


  1. Allocate one of your bowls as the temporary bowl, one as the spare bits bowl – for the part of your eggs that you are not using straight away, and one as the main bowl – for the bit of the eggs called for in your recipe.
  2. One egg at a time, crack the eggs open and drain the whites into the temporary bowl. The yolks can then be dropped into the main or spare bits bowl as appropriate. The whites should them be dropped into their proper place.
  3. Only have one eggworth of white in the temporary bowl at a time, so that if one yolk cracks, only one eggworth is messed up.

*The Bakémon Masters here at Gotta Bake ‘Em All recommend that you use happy chicken eggs in all your recipes. Happy chickens produce happier, tastier eggs. And battery farming is very cruel.