Ice creams!

Happy now? ❤

Surprise super special bonus post! Aren’t you all so lucky?

Many people have suggested we don’t restrict ourselves to just Gen 1. So, for our special bonus post to celebrate reaching 151 Facebook likes, we give you a recipe for the most requested Pokémon family; Gen 5’s Vanillite, Vanillish & Vanilluxe. 

The Ice Cream Family




  • 3 ice-creams
  • 4 cold people
  • why did we do this on the first day of December?


One ice-cream shop

Ice-Cream Shop







One camera








And one photographer


This is Mike. Say hello.









Money. Cash money.

More money










1. Go to the ice-cream shop.

2. Use your money to buy some ice-creams.

3. The ice-creams should be of the following types:

  • 1 single soft-serve in a tub
  • 1 single soft-serve in a cone
  • 1 double soft-serve* in a twin cone

*Your ice-cream shop may not allow this. Just get two scoops of vanilla instead.

4. Put that ice-cream in your face.


Honorary Bakémon Master Niall, Bakémon Masters Nicole & Siobhán

Nom! Hope you had a bit of a laugh, we did anyway. Also you should appreciate that we ate ice cream in a very cold Dublin in December. We make a lot of sacrifices for our work. Mostly we just love you guys though. Stay tuned for our next regular weekly recipe coming soon 🙂